Psilocybin Retreat Photo

Since preconceived notions about psychedelic mushrooms/truffles are shifting, thanks to the amazing results of the clinical trials of the John Hopkins University amongst others, people are interested in trying this form of therapy out for themselves with the intent to heal from depression, anxiety or PTSD, to further their consciousness or to connect to their spiritual essence. 

Whilst there have been ayahuasca retreats in South America for years, the all-inclusive Psilocybin retreats differ, in that they are being offered in countries where psilocybin truffles are legal such as Jamaica or The Netherlands. Offering more familiar environments, convenience and good quality (vegetarian) food, they are also often much more comfortable than most other psychedelic retreats.

But while the different Psilocybin Retreat Centres have a lot in common, they also differ in many ways. There are 3 day retreats and week long retreats. There are small group retreats or large group retreats. There are therapeutic retreats and retreats for people who are in a good state of mental health who simply want to have a psychedelic experience. If you are interested in participating in a Psilocybin Retreat, you need to find the retreat centre that caters exactly to your needs. 

Which Psilocybin Retreat is right for me?


Do I feel more comfortable in small intimate groups or do I want to have this experience in a bigger group?

Do I want to have this experience once in a 3 day Retreat or would I prefer to go deeper and dive into a full week retreat (with 2-3 ceremonies)?

Do I want to do this for therapy purposes or simply to experience a psychedelic state?

Do I want to have extra support in the form of integration, understanding and tools for processing my experience, Is this included in my chosen retreat?

Is it important to me to be in the sun nearby a beach in Jamaica or do I love the peacefulness of the Dutch countryside?

Do I want my own private room or am I willing to share? 

Do I feel a connection and safety with the retreat hosts/facilitators? (Read their website and personal experiences with psychedelics and their own journeys through their blogs to feel into this) 

Once you have answers to these questions it will be easy to find the right Retreat Center for you. 

We from a Whole New High have created a Psilocybin Retreat called The Shift. This Retreat was born from our desire to create a retreat that incorporated many elements which we find both valuable and important to the psychedelic experience but simply hadn’t been included to experiences that we had personally attended. 

What distinguishes our retreats from the others is that we specialise in small groups with a maximum of 12 participants. This allows us to create more intimacy between the participants and gives each individual a lot of time to express themselves and share during the integration days and also to receive more support during the ceremonies themselves. A small group can make it easier to show vulnerability too and create deep connections that can continue after the retreat. Our Retreat is longer than most others, which allows us to go very deep. Our Retreat focuses a lot on the integration process of the psychedelic experience and we dedicate 3 full days to integration exercises. We teach a lot of self-therapeutic tools to our participants so that the integration process can continue when they return home and their process of self-awareness and understanding can flourish. 

We are trained Trauma Integration Practitioners which means we can go deep into the core root of peoples struggles and aid them in resolving these issues. Many people don’t realise that trauma is actually what is affecting their current state of dissatisfaction with life as we tend to think trauma is some big deep experience that has happened to others but not to us, when in reality we are all affected by childhood trauma regardless of how happy a childhood we had. The birth process along with the process of socialisation is traumatic to the child.  Psychedelics bring us into a prime state where these core wounds are more easily accessible. Our experience in this field allows us to help those who work with us to find resolve to their unresolved trauma which is playing out in their lives in all kind of ways, from unhealthy relationship patterns, loneliness, addiction, eating disorders to PTSD, depression, OCD etc and just general unhappiness or unfulfillment in life. The merging of Psilocybin with our style of Trauma Integration Therapy is what really excites us most as it can bring about profound awareness and change. 

As female facilitators our ceremonies include a lot of feminine qualities, one of those being that they are very nurturing. 

We began 3 years ago with our Psilocybin Retreats for small groups but we wanted to create a retreat that was longer so that we could provide the much needed time and attention to integration of the experience itself and not leave people walking away without the tools and understanding to move forward in their lives. We also wanted to give our guests time to arrive, meet, settle in and for us to have time to create a safe connection within the group so that group can feel comfortable expressing their feelings with one another and opening up towards vulnerability. It is a very intimate experience and having a full week together really allows each person to open up at their own pace which is of course essential to opening up at all. This in turn allows our guests to go deeper if this is part of their desired intention. 


We spend a day preparing our guests on how to navigate the Psychedelic experience best and we dedicate 3 full days to integration. We teach our participants self-therapeutic tools to so that they have something concrete to take back into their daily life which they can use to grow further. The small group, the group-intimacy-creation exercises and the long retreat week also allows for real friendships to form so that the participants have likeminded people to reach out to after the Retreat. 

If this sounds like we are a good match, apply to our Psilocybin Retreat here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!