Pain is the suppression of our emotions, it is the denial of our authenticity.

It is our forbidden desires, denied, rejected, stepped upon and forced to the depths of our soul, anchored by the weight of shame, guilt and renunciation and commanded by fear never to re-surface.

Acknowledging our pain and allowing these desires, sanctions the pain, releasing its grip.

When we come into this life, we come with a purpose, one we have chosen before we inhabit the bodies and lives we choose to live in. That purpose can be anything, it can be love, it can be growth, vulnerability, compassion, abundance etc. We choose something that brings us further into our own expansion. Our purpose can take many different forms of expression.

We can have many purposes in life but usually we have one principle purpose or life intention. When we are doing things or living in a way that brings us to, or closer to our purpose we feel good, things flow, synchronicities appear, opportunities arise. This is when we are in alignment. The further away we move from our purpose, the worse we feel, the harder life becomes, the more struggles we face. The most gruelling being internal.

When we feel like we are going against the grain, in a relationship we are miserable in, avoiding a fear, or going to a job everyday that we can’t stand, when internally, we have a burning desire within us for something else, we are in a state of denial which is self-rejection, it’s torture. It may be so long since we have allowed any kind of expression of these desires that we have temporarily forgotten what they are, but they are still there, burning inside of us. This causes immense pain.

Pain, both physical and emotional is restriction, self denial and abandonment of the feelings we don’t allow ourselves to have, including pain itself.

What if we were to change how we feel about pain? What if we decided to embrace it? Pain is a guiding beacon. It teaches us what we don’t want, which in turn brings awareness to what we do. Pain can lead you to your purpose.

What situation is causing you the most pain in life? Look for the void in this situation for you? What is lacking that would make it feel ok? What is the unfulfilled need that is causing this pain?

The answers to these questions will give you more understanding of what you truly want from this life experience.

Having unrequited love for someone, this is pain. The lack/unfulfilled need you are experiencing is returned love, your pain is in their rejection of loving you, their rejection of you. This experience, like all of life’s experiences is a mirror, simply mirroring how you feel internally. In this case about yourself, this is the law of attraction in action.

Are you rejecting yourself? Is it your love and approval that you are longing for? By using what is causing us suffering to understand that it is a reflection of whats going on inside us, we can come to an understanding of what it is we need.

The answers are in our pain….

Pain is part of our inner guidance system. It is acting in our absolute favour. If you were a train driver and the train track was the alignment to your purpose, pain is the alarm bells, safety gates and railroad man blowing his whistle to inform you that you have fallen off the track. Can you imagine if the train driver ignored these signals? How loudly would the railroad man have to blow his whistle? How difficult would the train be to steer? How destructive would it be to its path?

What would happen if the train kept driving further and further away from the track? How out of control would the entire situation feel? Imagine the chaos, Imagine the panicked voices at the station, the stress at main control. The drama surrounding it. What about the passengers? The people you took along for the ride? How would this journey be for them? And what about you, the driver? How would you feel? Scared, Lonely, Incapable? Shamed? Unworthy?

We fall off track by loosing sense of our inner guidance system, our intuition, our inner knowing, our higher-self, our gut, we have many words for this. It’s the part of us that just knows without question, without judgement. Its the gentle voice inside us, our voice of love. We either don’t hear it at all or we don’t trust it. We let fear drive the train.

Fear that we can’t really have what we want
Fear that we’re not good enough
Fear that we won’t be accepted and therefore loved
Fear that we will be judged – which translates to not be accepted and therefore loved
Fear of being selfish or perceived as selfish by putting ourselves first
Fear of being seen for who we really are
Fear of vulnerability
Fear of pain itself

When we feel we have no way out of this pain, that we are helpless, that this is our fate, we meet suffering. A hole, an entrapment of pain, a helpless situation with no tools to escape. Believing there is no way out of our pain gives rise to suffering.

Understanding and trusting that we can find ourselves beneath our pain, then being with our pain, allowing it, experiencing it, feeling it, gives rise to relief and to your true self.

Feel your pain…..

Photo Credit: Absumaniac C.Z.-ART