Psychedelic Healing

Loneliness is not a lack of company, loneliness is a lack of connection.

Loneliness is keeping yourself locked inside in the presence of others.

Loneliness is suppressing yourself when you need to be seen, to be heard.

Loneliness is hiding parts of you who long to break through,

Denying the parts of who long to connect, long to be held, long to be loved.

Company only soothes loneliness when authentic expression, vulnerability and connection are present.

Loneliness is held within,

She is a container, an imprisoning one

Loneliness is the pain of our inability to receive

She is the product of self-denial

Loneliness is a lifetime of accumulated no’s when I wanted to say yes

Loneliness is the portrayal of the belief  “There is something wrong with me” offering her very best performance

Loneliness is the belief “I am unlovable” acting out her part

Loneliness is the fear of rejection

Loneliness is the thought “I deserve nothing more”

Loneliness is the wounds of my inner child

She is my sadness

My pain

Loneliness is the child within me begging for love

Loneliness is my being begging for love, my longing to be held, my desire to let go

Loneliness is the knowing that I don’t want have to do it all by myself

She is my teacher, teaching me to let go of the belief that I have to

Loneliness is the belief that I’m the only one I can trust, I’m the only one who can meet my needs, who can take care of me

She’s the ache in my heart, the knots in my belly

Loneliness is not having a soul in the world to share yourself with

Loneliness was my only visible option

But choosing to be alone when there are people who want to love you is self-punishment and loneliness the prize

When loneliness is seen and self-punishment forgiven, both love and connection are born.

Photo Credit: Brooke Shaden. Thank You Brooke

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