Healing with Psychedelics


Could you imagine if the most important thing we did every single day was nothing?

Try it! Start your day doing absolutely nothing, not breathing, not meditating, not even watching your thoughts. Lie on a sofa, sit in a chair, lie in a hammock, a bed, on the floor and do absolutely nothing. When we sit around doing nothing our minds rest, space is created and we become a channel of receptivity. Receptivity is the feminine energy of creation where ideas, insights and visions appear, where creations are born. When we are receptive, we are receptive to inspiration, intuition and guidance from our higher selves, from source energy itself.

The art of doing nothing has been cast with societal shame, when we do nothing we are considered lazy, worthless, unproductive, failures. We feel a huge amount of guilt about doing nothing, guilt causes shame. Shame brings us humans great discomfort, we spend our lives doing things to protect us from this feeling, therefore doing nothing is something we will avoid at all costs and certainly not something you will find on our “to do” lists. Avoiding shame keeps us in a place of virtue, which is also a place of busyness, while out of a space of creation. Busy minds are focused on what they should do, what they have to do, what they’ll do next, what they could do, what they’re not doing. We are a society who prides itself on productivity, but who exactly is this productivity serving? A societal belief that doing nothing (i.e. being), is lazy has been an incredibly effective one keeping us from becoming who we came here to be! Under this belief we take orders, follow commands, we act in accordance to what others want us to do. We become “do”res, not creators.

Creative beings are powerful beings, creativity is our greatest source of wealth, doing nothing is the doorway to this wealth as it is when inspiration for creation arrives. Therefore doing nothing is actually the most resourceful thing one can do. When we are creative we are of value to others, this value is exchanged for other items of value, for service, love, appreciation, and money, which are all quite simply different forms of energy which sustain our lives. That is all money is, an exchange of energy. In a state of creation we are living out our inner most desires, so not only are we wealthy and abundant, we are also fulfilled which is actually what we came here to experience.

Creative beings are therefore powerful beings who have no need to conform or depend on the society in existence today. We are beings of knowledge and truth which has stemmed from lifetimes of cultural wisdom which is ingrained and breathing throughout our DNA. This innate wisdom is within, we hear it only when we are still, only in moments of nothingness. Is it any wonder society shamed these moments away.

We do not have to figure out or decide what to do, not with our lives not even with our day. Simply sit around and do nothing until inspiration arrives, simply “be”. We are creatures of being, human “beings”. How we act is our “be”haviour, which are the “haves” or attributes that we “be”. We “be”come who we are. When a woman is in labour the child is “being” born, birth happens from a place of being, life itself happens from a place of being, life is not something we have to do! Being is quite simply doing nothing which is the first thing I do every single day.

Photo Credit: “Clouds” by MoonyWolf
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