We offer sessions in different locations:



Den Haag (30min from Amsterdam)

Maastricht (2,5h from Amsterdam and 1,5h from Brussels)




Salzburg or Innsbrug

Ibiza, Spain

Psilocybin has been decriminalised in Portugal, Austria and Spain.


We come to your temporary accommodation in your location of choice. We recommend choosing a comfortable, cosy and private space on Airbnb, download our Airbnb suggestion list here. We did provide a ceremony room in the past but we have found that it is more beneficial for our clients to be in their own space as they will not have to move after the session is over, when they have come down from the Psilocybin experience. You will still feel quite sensitive after the 5-7 hour session and a walk through the city often feels overwhelming.


We are a team of therapists and guides trained in different modalities. We combine our therapeutic knowledge of how to deal with trauma caused by the western way of living with the energetic practices of the indigenous cultures. We guide you through challenges during the experience, if needed, we are a physical aid and are there when you come out of your experience as a source of support and care and someone for your to share your experience and insights with which is an important part of integration.


Would you like to know more about our practitioners? Please download this guide to find the right practitioner for you.


Are you unsure about how many ceremonies to book? Do you have questions about how to book a multi-person or partner ceremony?  Please download our guide to answer your questions and select which retreat is the best for you.


If your preferred dates are not available, please contact us to see if a practitioner can offer some flexibility. Caro and Alice who work in Maastricht are sometimes available to come to Amsterdam on their available dates.


If you would like to book a 15min info call first to get to know your practitioner, please download our guide to follow the instructions on how to do that.

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For all client enquiries or to find out more about how we can support you, please complete the enquiry form on the contact page and our team will be in touch via email shortly.

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